Certification & Safety

A Culture of Safety

Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration is committed to providing safe working conditions for all of our personnel. To fulfill this commitment, the company compiles with all safety, health and environmental laws, and has developed applicable procedures and policies to provide such conditions.

We believe the safety and health of our employees, as well as the protection of the environment and work sites is our company’s greatest responsibility. Because responsibility for employee health and safety rests with each individual, we consider it to be part of every team member’s performance. As a condition of employment, all personnel – including management – are expected to conduct their work in a safe manner, and team contributions to health and safety are required.

Management, all personnel and subcontractors will therefore support and comply with our Safety Management plan.

Management also has the responsibility, through personal example and with the involvement of all team members, to create a climate in which everyone has a true concern for safety as well as the environment.

Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration will continuously work with employees, clients and authorities to ensure a positive safety culture within the industries and communities we serve.

Stevenson Industrial is a recognized C.O.R. Certified Company through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association.

Quality Control Certification

We currently have the following weld procedures registered with Alberta and Saskatchewan:

  • SIR1 carbon to carbon SMAW
  • SIR1N carbon to carbon, impact tested (low temperature) SMAW
  • SIR2 carbon to stainless SMAW / GTAW
  • SIR3 stainless to stainless SMAW / GTAW
  • SIR4 aluminum GTAW 3003 to 3003, 3003 to 6061 and 6061 to 6061
  • Silver Soldering
  • Silfoss

Quality, Safety, Reliability

Stevenson believes in protecting our people – and protecting your reputation.

We are fully certified by major industry organizations and safety programs and maintain our standing with ongoing training, skill development and process management.

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