Recreational Facilities

Advanced refrigeration system installation, maintenance and support, tailored for arenas, rinks, and community centres

Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration has established itself as a cornerstone in the development and maintenance of cooling systems for recreational facilities. With an unwavering commitment to reliability and efficiency, Stevenson offers a suite of innovative solutions that not only enhance the performance of recreational venues like skating rinks, arenas, and community centers but also significantly contribute to environmental sustainability and cost savings for communities.

Innovative Energy-Efficient Systems

At the heart of Stevenson’s service offerings is the design and implementation of energy-efficient cooling systems. Utilizing cutting-edge Thermo-Kool Technology, We can offer a system that can utilize ambient temperature for required heat transfer. This eliminates the need for the compressor when conditions are right. This saves money by eliminating the required power to run the compressor, as well as maintenance costs by reducing compressor run time. This, coupled with the strategic selection of energy-efficient motors and the integration of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Soft Starts, enables facilities to achieve up to a 50% reduction in energy costs. Additionally, customized controlled monitoring systems offer unparalleled efficiency through automated adjustments and remote monitoring capabilities, ensuring that recreational facilities operate smoothly while minimizing energy consumption. 

Optimizing Indoor Air Quality and Structural Integrity

Understanding the critical role of air quality and structural integrity in recreational facilities, Stevenson provides comprehensive solutions to address these challenges. The company’s range of mechanical and desiccant dehumidifiers effectively manages humidity levels in arenas, preventing the deterioration of ice quality, mitigating the risk of mold formation that can lead to significant structural damage and decreasing the required load on the refrigeration system.This proactive approach not only safeguards the health of facility users but also extends the lifespan of the infrastructure.

Revolutionizing Refrigerated Floors

Stevenson’s innovative approach extends to the installation and retrofitting of refrigerated floors, a crucial element for maintaining optimal ice conditions. By developing a buried header system, Stevenson eliminates the need for traditional header trenches, thereby avoiding perimeter ice buildup and enhancing the overall ice experience. This system allows for a seamless integration with existing infrastructure, bringing outdated arenas up to date with the latest in refrigeration technology.

Championing Ammonia Refrigeration

Leading the shift towards more sustainable refrigeration solutions, Stevenson Industrial is a prominent advocate for ammonia-based refrigeration systems. Recognized for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and minimal environmental impact, ammonia refrigeration stands as a superior alternative to traditional CFC/HFC/HFO-based systems. Stevenson’s expertise in ammonia refrigeration reflects a century-long legacy of this technology in the industry, offering clients a reliable and eco-friendly cooling solution. Below is a table showing the horsepower per ton ratio based on a traditional R22 arena application.

A Record of Proven Performance

Stevenson’s track record of success in the recreational sector is exemplified by its comprehensive work on prominent projects, including the Co-operators Centre in Regina, the Glentworth Arena, and the Carnduff Centennial Arena. Each project showcases Stevenson’s capability to deliver comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance services that ensure year-round operational excellence and sustainability.

Through its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction, Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration continues to redefine the standards for cooling solutions in recreational facilities, making it an indispensable partner for communities across Western Canada.

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