Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Solutions

Innovative & sustainable refrigeration solutions for reduced energy consumption and operational costs at industrial and recreational facilities

Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration is at the forefront of providing energy-efficient refrigeration solutions that not only meet the cooling needs of our clients but also contribute to their sustainability goals. 

In today’s world, where energy costs are continually rising and environmental regulations are becoming stricter, our energy-efficient solutions offer a pathway to reduce operational costs and carbon footprints simultaneously. By integrating the latest in energy-saving technologies and design principles, we ensure that our refrigeration systems are as efficient as they are reliable, providing significant savings over the lifespan of the system.

Our approach to energy efficiency involves a comprehensive analysis of each client’s specific needs and operating conditions, followed by the custom design and implementation of refrigeration solutions that leverage advanced technologies such as Thermo-Kool Technology, Energy-Efficient Motors, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), and Soft Starts. These technologies are proven to significantly reduce energy consumption by optimizing the refrigeration cycle, improving component efficiency, and ensuring that systems only use the energy they need, when they need it. This not only leads to lower utility bills but also extends the life of the refrigeration equipment by reducing wear and tear.

Moreover, we’re committed to innovation and are continuously exploring new ways to enhance the energy efficiency of our systems. From utilizing natural refrigerants like ammonia, known for its excellent thermodynamic properties and low environmental impact, to implementing customized controlled monitoring systems for precise operation and maintenance, our solutions are designed with the future in mind. We also focus on educating our clients on the benefits of energy-efficient practices and systems, supporting them in achieving their sustainability objectives while ensuring their operations remain competitive. 

Our clients can expect refrigeration solutions that are not only effective and reliable but also environmentally responsible and cost-effective. 

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