Welding & Fabrication

Welding and fabrication services that providing high levels of precision and durability in custom refrigeration system components

Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration excels in providing specialized welding and fabrication services, focusing exclusively on the unique needs of industrial refrigeration and other mechanical processes. Their facilities in Saskatoon and Regina are the backbone of their capability to design and produce custom parts and components essential for the bespoke requirements of their projects. This specialization is a hallmark of Stevenson’s commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the operational demands of their clients’ systems. By leveraging the skills of their experienced fabricators, Stevenson ensures that each fabricated piece adheres to the strictest standards of quality and code conformity, thereby enhancing system efficiency and longevity.

The ability to offer custom welding and fabrication services with numerous registered welding procedures places Stevenson at the forefront of the industrial refrigeration/pressure piping sector. This capability is pivotal for projects requiring unique solutions, such as retrofitting older systems with upgraded parts or introducing new, more efficient components into the design of cutting-edge installations. Stevenson’s commitment to custom fabrication underscores their flexibility and expertise in addressing and solving specific challenges faced by their clients, ensuring that every project benefits from tailored, high-performance components.

Stevenson’s in-house welding and fabrication services are critical to the success and reliability of the piping systems they deploy. Managing the fabrication process internally allows for unparalleled quality control and ensures that every component is perfectly suited to its intended application, resulting in enhanced system integration and performance. This comprehensive approach not only provides clients with cost-effective and efficient solutions but also reinforces Stevenson Industrial Refrigeration’s dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Through their specialized welding and fabrication services, Stevenson continues to lead the way in innovative and durable solutions for the industrial refrigeration industry.

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