Stevenson is known for its reliable cooling systems – a vital component to the operation of any recreational facility.

We have access to the latest energy-efficient equipment to help communities save rink and arena money, and we stock a wide variety of parts and components for artificial ice plants that require immediate replacement.

Energy-efficient systems
Our experience has led to the development of energy-efficient systems for artificial ammonia ice plants, including:

  • Thermo-Kool Technology – allows the pumping of liquid to be simplified to avoid the cost of running the compressor when the ambient temperature allows
  • Energy-Efficient Motors – choosing the proper size and efficiency of motor can result in savings of up to 50% over older, less efficient motors when used properly
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Soft Starts – are both ways to maximize the savings with controlling the power output of motors
  • Customized Controlled Monitoring Systems
    • Through the use of computers, the plant parameters can be programmed for maximum efficiency; including floating suction & discharge pressure control
    • The plant can be monitored remotely, to ensure smooth operation at all times
    • Notifications can be sent directly to the service mechanics as soon as a problem arises

Humidity in arenas creates excess load on the refrigeration equipment, and affects ice and air quality. Over time, it can also lead to mold, which can result in serious structural damage to the building.

Stevenson Industrial provides a full line of mechanical or desiccant dehumidifiers to meet the requirements of your arena or curling rink.

Refrigerated floors
Along with having installed refrigerated floors, Stevenson has developed a buried header system that encloses the arena headers in concrete out in the ice field, eliminating the need for a header trench and avoiding perimeter ice buildup outside the board system.

Stevenson Industrial can retrofit existing headers and refrigerated floors and bring any arena up to date with the latest refrigeration technology.

Ammonia refrigeration
Stevenson Industrial is a leader in the promotion of ammonia refrigeration – the most efficient, least expensive and environmentally friendly refrigerant available. It’s also replacing R22.

Ammonia refrigerant has been in the industry for 100 years and costs approximately $3.00/lb compared to the high-priced Freons at costs up to $40.00/lb.

Proven Performance

The Co-operators Centre

  • Provided design/build of a year-round facility with six ice surfaces
  • Included air conditioning and dehumidification for non-ice events
  • Design included heat reclamation for preheating water and under-slab heat

Glentworth Arena
Glentworth, SK

  • Supplied and installed refrigeration system

LeRoy Community Centre
LeRoy, SK

  • Supplied and installed refrigeration system

Carnduff Centennial Arena
LeRoy, SK

  • Supplied and installed refrigeration system

Quality, Safety, Reliability

Stevenson believes in protecting our people – and protecting your reputation.

We are fully certified by major industry organizations and safety programs and maintain our standing with ongoing training, skill development and process management.

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